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Ori Orisun Merhav

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Made by Insects, is an on-going research into the natural polymer, lac, which is mainly used in the industry as a coating material, known as 'shellac’. With the rise of chemical coatings, the demand for the natural version is decreasing. However, this research suggests innovative ways to look at the material, aiming to give it a new life and revive this dying craft. 
Here you can find information about the origin of the material beside newly found techniques on how to work with it.  The coating material that has grown into three dimensional shapes.
This platform is a space to share and create knowledge together. You are most welcome to take an active part in this journey, ask questions, make your own experimentations and add the findings to this growing library.

Made by insects is consistently looking  for Research Collaborators.
Don't hesitate to reach out.

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