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Setting up your own Lac studio can be very easy. Few things that you should know in advance.


  1. Lac is workable once it’s melted into a chewing gum texture, it can become very elastic.

  2. The melting temperate is quite low, it's about 100 degrees. It can easily be reached with a heat gun, infra red radiator or a stove.

  3. Lac is very sticky! therefore you will need a metal surface as your table top. Still is the most recommend metal, it can absorb the heat and the lac will never stick to it. Do not use aluminium, for some reason the lac sticks to aluminium surfaces. 

  4. You will need some basic tools and gloves. Below you can find pictures of different ones you might want to use. 

  5. Lac is used in the industry mainly as a coating material, but it has so much more potential. It is a natural polymer made by insects and it has some similar qualities to plastic and glass.
    you can easily  form it and deform it as many times as you want. 

Lac's hot-shop

gathering tools


kneading tools

shapes closer


plaster mold

metal texture brush

blowing tool


heat protection

small blowing


shaping tools

roller cutter

blowing pump

blowing bord


heat gun

gathering tool

big flame



surfaces merger

sheets shaper

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