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Creating Textures

Lac can take different textures while being warm. Here are few tools you could use to create fun textures.

While Lac is warm not only that it’s elasticity can be used to copy shapes but also to take in textures. To do so you could use different tools:

The metal brush will create thin lines in the material and give it a finishing almost like a wooden bark.

You could also copy textures from different surfaces by pressing the material against them and separate it before it's totally cold so it won't stick to the other surface..

When the material is being stretched it gets a different finishing.

To achieve a very smooth look it is recommended to work against steel surface.

You could use the raw 'seed lac' to give your shape a crystal look, by heating up the surface and press it against the seed lac. They will stick to it without melting.

If you discover any other way to create textures in lac, pls share it in the Forum!


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